SA1 Module 101 - Universal Laws of Karma, Resonance and Attraction

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SA1 Module 101 - Universal Laws of Karma, Resonance and Attraction

This listing is for the 1 module mini course audit version, no stone homework and no course pack. Access begins on Sunday April 5th 2020.

Every soul in this world is unconsciously affecting the collective energy field of this planet every second of every day. A pandemic cannot occur without passing a tipping point in the dominant collective energies of this planet and it is the physical manifestation of that energetic tipping point. Those energies are things like victim, dependence and fear. A pandemic is a perfect delivery system for those dominant energies.

Those who regularly do things with those energies are the ones in the hospitals, dying, losing their jobs, businesses etc.

This planet was designed, is, and always will be that of polarity. When one polarity rachets up, the other side will too until balance is re-established.

When people do not practice social responsibility, it injects energies like selfishness, and  recklessness into the collective consciousness and to balance that polarity, the universe will bring collective situations to people that regularly do things with the energies of duty, selflessness, obligation etc. Those people are the ones on the front lines of this pandemic, medical personal, police, national guard and workers in essential businesses.

This will not stop until enough people take responsibility for the energy that they are injecting into the collective to bring things back into balance at a collective level lower than it was when this virus jumped to its first human host.

You are absolutely not responsible for the energy of other's choices, but you are definitely responsible for your own and the energy that that puts into the collective.

You have the ability to help turn the tide of this not only by practicing social responsibility but energetic responsibility to help to bring the collective energy back into balance at a much lower level of polarity by taking responsibility for your own energy.

You are not powerless in this unless you choose to be.

To help you to understand all of this and so much more about manifesting what you want to experience in your life, we are working very hard behind the scenes to secure everything needed for Soul Alchemy Level One course packs so that the next session of that course can begin on June 11th, months earlier than planned. I am opening it for early  enrollment today because it is so important that you understand the Universal Laws and Universal Truths that govern what you and everyone else experiences in your life and how to take control and create your life by your design. If you have not completed ACSF yet, you must do so before you begin Soul Alchemy Sacred Soul Level One.

Those who enroll early will  be given access to an audit version, (which has no stone work), on Sunday of module 101 -  Universal Laws of Karma, Resonance and Attraction so that you will understand the Universal Laws and Truths at play in this pandemic and can immediately begin to take control of the energy of your choices for your own benefit and therefore the world through the energetics of the collective consciousness. You can view all of the course information and enroll here.


For those of you currently enrolled in Attitude of Gratitude, you already have access to the information in the audit module.

For those who have not yet completed ACSF, you can enroll in the audit version of module 101 Universal Laws of Karma, Resonance and Attraction for ½  price of $55 separately here for a very limited time with this listing.

Empowered Blessings ~ RZ