SBCC Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy Module Boxes Subscription

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If you would like the module boxes and the stone exploration boxes subscription, please click here to subscribe.

If you didn't enroll with a course pack to be able to earn your SBCC Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy Certificate, this subscription is for you.

Your boxes will include everything you need to complete the required Stonework homework to earn your certificate, one module at a time:

Month 1: Guardian
Basic 4C Set for Stones
  • Tingshas
  • B.T. chipstones
  • Selenite bar

Month 2: Intro Psychic Development
  • 5-piece Points Set (Brazilian quartz, Brazilian smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine, & Congo citrine.
  • Brazilian quartz pendulum

Month 3: Intro Soul Alchemy
  • Assorted stone types & forms to test for Soul Level & Present Lifetime Level Power Stones 

Month 4: Intro to Environmental Alchemy
  • Environmental sized pieces 

Month 5: Intro to Body Alchemy
  • Jewelry pieces 

Month 6: Intro to Sacred Geometry Gridding
Basic Seed of Life Grid Set
  • R.Z. cloth seed of life grid background
  • 6 Brazilian smoky quartz
  • 6 black tourmaline
  • 6 Brazilian quartz
  • center sphere with glass stand (smoky quartz or quartz)
  • Bonus: 25 pack of grid planner sheets (while supplies last!)

Every piece will be hand-picked by me for you to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

What is Your Unique Energetic Signature?
Everyone has a very Unique Energetic Signature. This Energetic Signature is created by all of the Soul Level Keys (the unique energetic combinations that were used to create your very Soul that you will carry with you forever) and the energy of every single choice you make every day.

This Energetic Signature can be detected by the Psychic Clairs. It has a visual, a sound, a smell, a taste, a texture and a feeling. As a professionally trained psychic, I can sense all of those components of your Unique Energetic Signature. My clients call me The Soul Whisperer, Your Soul Speaks & I listen.

My clients also call me The Stone Whisperer because I can sense the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystals & Stones. Combining these two abilities together, I am able to easily match up Your Unique Energetic Signature with the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystal, Stone or Jewelry piece.

Payment Details

This is a subscription which will bill on the same day each month as your first payment on this subscription.

This subscription is paid a month in advance so that I know how many  boxes will be needed for the following month and so that I will have time to hand-pick your pieces. Your first box will ship the following month after you sign up for this subscription. So if you sign up in September for example, your first box will ship in October.


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