Intro to Sacred Geometry Gridding - Seed of Life Starter Grid Sets

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Ready to create your first grid but overwhelmed by all of the possible sacred geometry layouts and stone options? No worries, I've gotcha covered.

I created these starter grid sets with the Seed of Life layout as it will work beautifully for most any intention.

I've chosen a Smoky Quartz Sphere or egg (with glass stand) as the center stone to either  invoke and ground the energy of what you desire into the physical plane or banish the energy of what you don't want to experience into the Earth. There are also 6 freeform polished or raw smoky quartz to support the work of the center stone.

6 freeform polished or raw black Tourmaline are included to protect your grid from harmful energies around it by transmuting those harmful energies to helpful energy, and to also draw up the powerful healing energy of the Earth, because there's always healing involved in invoking any intention, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

6 freeform polished or raw quartz are included to amplify the energies of your intention and all other stones in your grid.

The only thing you'll need to choose to finish your grid is your intention and 6 additional stones of a single stone type to support your intention, (sets of 6 stones chosen for their ability to work together with the other stones in a grid cohesively and energetically matched to each other are also available in this Collection). Easy Peasy!

The wood grid backgrounds are not included and are used in the video as an example to show you precise seed of life stones placement. Stone size varies depending on what resonates best with your unique energetic signature.

Set includes:

6 freeform polished Black Tourmaline

6 freeform polished Brazilian Smoky Quartz

6 freeform polished Brazilian Quartz

1 40 - 50mm Brazilian Smoky Quartz  or Quartz Sphere or Egg

1 Glass Sphere Stand

Bonus item when available:  1 package of 25 Seed of Life Planner Sheets


6-piece grid add on sets are Here.

Sizes vary depending on what is resonating with your unique energetic signature. 


Price reflects the cost of the items included and the service of me hand-picking each item for its level of energy from the warehouses and then hand-picking them to resonate with your unique energetic signature. Both of which are very time consuming.


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