Singularly Linked Las Choyas Geode Guides

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I treat geodes very differently than most. I respect the wisdom, knowledge, and guidance held within from Mother Earth, and the Devas of the geodes.

My geodes arrive just the way they came from the Earth, covered in clay, dirt, and debris. Most purchase their geodes "clean'. Which usually means they have been soaked in harsh chemical baths, to remove the dirt, clay and debris. This is very energetically harmful for the geodes, and can cause their energy to retreat, going energetically dormant. If they’re left in the chemical baths too long, they will become energetically dead.


When I remove the loose clay, loose dirt and debris, I do not scrub and scrape it all off, as the minerals within the clay carry innate energies as well.  I do so in sacred space, with running water from my well that is blessed and gridded with buried stones and crystals, and my bare hands. Cleaning them this way fully activates them and gently awakens the Devas waiting inside. This is very time consuming, but necessary.


Next, they are air dried in the shade, in sacred space.

After they air dry, these treasures of Mother Earth are smudged with organic white sage.

Clearing & Charging

Then they spend a full 24 hours on a bed of raw Moroccan Selenite, clearing any harmful energy they may have picked up in their journey, and charging them with high frequency energy. 

Correcting their Dominant Oscillatory Rate
Then, I reset their D.O.R.'s (dominant oscillatory rate)  with properly made 7 metal tingshas, correcting any energetic upsets they may have had during their journey.
After this process is complete, they are ready for their new homes with you.

Las Choyas Geode Guides
If you are wondering what stone and crystal types might be inside, Las Choyas geodes contain varieties of agate, chalcedony, a variety of quartz ranging from clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, to more rarely smoky amethyst, citrine, and smoky citrine. Many secondary minerals such a goethite, hematite, mordenite, calcite and galena may also be present in some geodes.

These Geode Guides range from 2 - 2.5 inches, with most being 2 25 inches.

You will be emailed the  name of your singularly linking Las Choyas Geode Guide and the innate energies of the major stones/crystals found inside your Geode Guide after yours has been opened.

Yes, you can work with more than one at a time.


Pictures of open geodes are examples of some of our Geode Guides. Some are hollow, some are solid, each are a beautiful work of Mother Nature's Art.

Opening Your Geode Guide Videos

If you would like me to shoot and post a video of me opening your Geode Guide, so that you can share in the never seen before wonder that lies within, please add the video opening option to your order from the dropdown menu and within a few days of your purchase, I will post the video in the private Facebook group of opening your Geode Guide in Sacred Space and tag you in it, (make sure that we're friends, and be sure to let me know if your FB name is different than the name on your account here). Setting up the video equipment, shooting the video, uploading the video to an employee and their time posting it all takes time from regularly scheduled duties, so there is a charge for this service.

General Innate Energies of Geodes
These innate energies are in addition to the individual energies of the Crystals and Minerals on the lining surface, as well as the mineral comprising the banding beneath.
Divine Feminine 
Goddess Energy
Earth Energy
Child Birth
Small Children
Family Harmony
Stress Relief
Making Decisions 
Astral Travel
Mood Elevation
Divine Communication
Psychic Communication
Taking Responsibility for your Actions
The Home
Nervous System

How to Work with Your Geode Guides

When working with your geode, hold it in whichever hand feels right to you. You may work with one half, both halves, (one in each hand), or both halves in one hand.

Close your eyes, and imagine you are a sphere of pure energy, imagine that sphere of energy traveling from your third eye, down your arm, through your hand, and into your Geode Guide. See the Deva of the Geode, and ask for her guidance. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to make notes afterwards.

If you have a specific need, you may ask your Deva for her assistance.

If seeking auric field protection, envision yourself inside of your Geode, safe and sound.

If seeking healing, envision yourself inside your geode, and your Geode’s Deva gently plucking a bit of stone or crystal from the inside of your Geode and giving it to you. When you hold this, your hands absorb the energy that you need.

For grounding hold a geode half in each hand, and feel it’s energetic roots growing deep into the Earth, bringing stability to you. Imagine all harmful or stagnant energy flowing out of your body, through those roots and into the Earth. Then see the fresh, powerful energy traveling up those roots into your body, giving you exactly what you need.

Place your intention on a slip of paper inside your geode to aid in manifesting your will.

Always remember to thank the Deva of your Geode, your Geode, and Mother Earth for the gifts you have received. 

How are Geodes formed?
Geodes are rounded, hollow voids in rocks filled with crystals and other minerals. They are typically formed when air bubbles inside of volcanic rock form hollow cavities. Over time, as mineral-rich water seeps into the rock, it begins to deposit tiny crystals on the sides the hollow cavity. After millions of years, the flow of water gradually builds crystals inside the empty space. 

Our Las Choyas geodes, often referred to as coconut geodes, are mined from 100 to 200 feet below the surface near Chihuahua, Mexico. Shafts are drilled down to the geode bearing white clay, and then tunnels are dug horizontally to extract the geodes by hand.