Snakeskin Jasper & Moss Agate Circuit Sets

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Snakeskin Jasper & Moss Agate Circuit Sets

Combining different stone types takes extreme skill in reading the energy of stones, understanding their will, and persistence to find just the right forms and specific stones in the stone types to be combined into a circuit set. Please do not attempt to combine stone types on your own, you can do some serious damage to your Master Energetic System and therefore all aspects of your life.

There are only six of these circuit sets available, and I had to energetically read well over 200 stones in these types to find just the right specific stones to work together.

The Innate Energies of this combination are:
Chakra: Root, Heart & Earth Star
Element: Earth & Mars
Energy: Projective & Receptive
Number: 1 & 3
Planet: Mars, Earth and Mercury
Zodiac: Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Leo, & Virgo

Body Alchemy:
Detox, body odor, & self-healing for strength, endurance and longevity.
Stability created through releasing anxiety, stress & negativity and replacing them with courage, grace, persistence, practicality, enhanced perception, and strengthening positive personality traits.

This combination also assists you in acceptance of one's self by taking responsibility for only what you are actually responsible for, which will build your self-confidence & self-esteem, so that you will speak your own truth, through self-expression.

Those things will open the door to success, with an abundance & prosperity mindset, allowing you to understand your negative views about money and release them,
Stability created through overcoming emotional imbalances created from fear, anger, bitterness, and emotional trauma and replacing them with self-love and optimism.

Soul Alchemy:
Spiritual growth through connecting with animal & nature spirit guides as well as Earth Elementals to access past life and ancestral information that will help you to break Soul Level negative repeating patterns.

This combination can also be utilized to help you to connect to the collective consciousness for inspiration, protection, and personal expansion.