The Sanctuary Box - Creating an Energetic Sanctuary in Your Space - Sacred Stone Edition

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Choose Your Sacred Stone Sanctuary Box by Price Point 

Each Sacred Stones Box includes:

  • 1 Environmental Sized Sacred Stone or Crystal
  • The Properties of Your Sacred Stone(s) as well as the Properties of their Form(s).
Size is determined by the type of the stone in your box. Many forms are possible including but not limited to: Raw/Rough,  Standing Freeform Polished, Power Stones, Clusters, Hearts, Spheres, Eggs, Flames, Slabs, and more!

Each stone will have a field of influence large enough to influence an entire room (at least 15 x 15 feet). Each stone has a varying size field of influence for example a 75mm (3 inch) shungite piece will do an entire room and so will a 25mm (1 inch) herkimer diamond. So a higher price point does not necessarily, mean a larger stone, (although it frequently does) , as prices of stone types and forms vary greatly.

U.S. Addresses Only Please   

Subscriptions are billed automatically on the 6th of the month and ship between the 7th - 14th of the month.  Your first box will bill immediately. If your first box is ordered between the 1st - 6th of the month, it will ship that month.  If it is ordered after the 6th, it will ship the following month.

Pictures are examples of just a few of the possibilities.