Warehouse Personal Shopper!!!

Warehouse Personal Shopper!!!

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I will be digging through warehouses again soon, digging for new goodies to empower y'all, and I never know what I might find. 

Most stones that come into the United States come through Charleston, S.C., and the further west you go, the more picked over the stones are at gem shows.  I pick mainly at warehouses in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, where the goodies are before they go to gem shows. 

This listing is your chance to have me be your personal energetic liaison in very large warehouses filled with stone and crystal treasures just waiting to empower you.

I will pick a new treasure for your metaphysical toolbox, that directly connects to your energy, and is energetically cleansed, cleared, charged and had it's DOR (dominant oscillatory rate) corrected by me, before it is sent on it's way to it's new caretaker, you. 

I personally hand pick all of the stones.  I do this because I will only bring you metaphysically active stones to empower you, not just be pretty shelf sitters.

I have worked with stones all of my life, and have been in the business of stones since I was 17, (31years, lol)  I worked for a major stone importer for 12 years, so I have many, many connections in the world of stones.   

My long-term customers will be happy to tell you  that I am a stone whisperer, the stones speak, and I listen. If we have connected either online or in person, I know your energy, and when I touch a stone, if it is for you, I feel a connection to your energy.  I am extremely well trained in connecting with the energy of stones, so it is easy for me to tell if a stone is metaphysically active, dormant or dead.  You will always receive metaphysically active stones from me.

All you need to do is choose how much you want to spend and I will find the stone(s) or crystal(s) that sing out your name, may or may not contain jewelry pieces.

You can let me choose the stones you need to work with or you can request stones for these specific things, make sure you tell me in the notes which set(s) you'd like:

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Protection
  • Wealth, Prosperity, Financial Abundance, Success & Recognition
  • Core Universal Master Auric Field
  • Space Clearing
  • Body Deva, Soul Deva Connection & Communication
  • Atlantean Consciousness
  • Lemurian Consciousness 
  • Gratitude
  • Psychic Developement & Magick
  • Mediumship
  • Over Thinkers
  • Master Manifestation
  • Master Health & Well Being
  • Master Relationship
  • Master Financial Abundance
  • Clarity & Focus for Inner Truth for Setting Intentions


Price points are as follows: $50, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000.  If you'd like a higher price point, or a price point in between, just add what ever combination equals your budget.

However much you choose to spend, I promise that the stone(s) and/or crystal(s) that you receive will be filled with the energy that you need to work with in your life right now.

I've been doing this for years for local clients, and am looking forward to doing this for y'all, my online Tribe, wooohooo!

Blessings Y'all~ 
Robin Zendayah


Please do not purchase with other items with this listing, or those items will not be shipped until after I return from and your goodies from there are ready to ship to you. All items are 4C'd before they start their journey to your home, and this takes time with the volume that I bring back.

Warehouse orders ship 1 week after I return from the warehouse trip.